Here we are again! The end of one year, and stepping into a new one. Just a few things that have happened this year:

  • Tyson Foods increased their financial stake (no pun intended) in Beyond Meat, who recently launched the Impossible and Beast burgers. The CEO of Tyson Foods says “growth in plant-based protein could well outpace animal-based products before long.”
  • The Nestle Company bought Sweet Earth Foods.
  • Sales in the dairy industry decreased 7% in 2015 ($17.8 billion) and are projected to drop another 11% through 2020. If that’s not convincing enough, here’s another one from a dairy industry e-news.
  • Memphis Meats was able to attract $17M from the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Suzy and Jack Welch.
  • 10 more companies buying into the benefits (and, of course, profitability) of plant-based foods.
  • Several restaurants (article highlights a New York restaurant) throughout the country have included more vegan food options on their menu; and a few have even completely abandoned serving animal products altogether, re-vamping their business model to all-vegan.

More info in this article in Huff Post, and this terrific article published December 27, 2017 by Forbes.

From a personal perspective, the ground swell of public awareness, activity and corporate cognizance makes me giddy.

Less than 5 years ago, I would excuse myself from the restaurant table at my husband’s business dinners to covertly corral the waiter before he took our orders. I would explain my dietary requests and quietly slip back to my seat.

At non-plant-based family functions, Roger and I would make a stop at the local store and stock up from the salad bar and produce sections. As others sat around the large table eating their meats, cheeses, processed foods, and butter and cream laden vegetables, I would stealthily eat my salad and steamed veggies, feeling very much a castaway.

I do none of that anymore. I am proud to feed my body whole, plant-based and real foods. I am proud of the immense progress we have made as a nation. I am most proud of the increased interest and awareness our family and friends have shown in plant-based foods, nutrition, and recipes!

Whether you come into the vegan, plant-based arena from a health, environmental or animal rights path, the end game is in everybody’s best interest.

I realize I may lose some of you with these facts, information and my own experienced opinions. If that’s the case, I wish you all good things, happiness and health!

For those of you interested in learning more, Google is at your fingertips, and optimal health begins on your plate.