“Inflammation is not the Cause of Disease…”

In past posts, I’ve talked about suffering with what I referred to as ‘bloat belly’ most of my adult life. Even with significant weight loss in my early 40’s, I remember the bloat feeling was ever present. I know now it was because I was eating something akin to the Atkins diet at that time and for many years thereafter….until September 2012.

If you’re someone who has to have information and the facts, you’ll find this article eye-opening and hopefully something to make you go hmmm.

The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Wheat Belly and Grain Brain

By John McDougall, M.D.


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  1. Kelley Veytia
    Kelley Veytia says:

    Awesome article, thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to read Wheat Belly because it has been super interesting how many people have come down with gluten intolerance lately, and now I’m curious to see what kind of dietary changes it recommends. I assumed it was just a book on why gluten intolerance is becoming such a big deal. I would assume enriched wheat flour is more to blame than the whole wheat itself!

    • Lauren
      Lauren says:

      Hi Kelley,
      I, too, have found it interesting that there has been such a surge of alleged gluten intolerance. For some, it’s very real. As you can tell from McDougall’s article, he points to the meat laden SAD as the cause; and he dispels the scientific ‘myths’ that have lead to the controversy surrounding wheat and grains.


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