Lighten Up and Save Your Environment!

So, you don’t think you (alone) can help repair and restore the environment we all live in? You. Are. Wrong.

Now that you know, here are some easy ways to pitch in and lighten up!


BAD HABIT: Running the dishwasher and the clothes dryer during the day.

These machines produce heat and humidity, which means your air conditioner has to work harder. You may or may not know that most utility companies charge higher rates during peak hours…just sayin’.

HAPPY HABIT: Use your dishwasher and dryer during off-peak hours, typically between 8pm and midnight through sunrise (good for night owls)! For maximum efficiency, use a low dryer setting and line-dry thick clothing items like jeans and towels, whenever possible.

BAD HABIT: Tossing used coffee pods.

Sadly, around 9.8 billion k-cup pods were sold in 2014. The number 7 plastic that most pods contain isn’t accepted at recycling plants (and plants won’t accept pods filled with coffee), so a majority of the used pods end up in landfills. If you don’t use these, bravo!

HAPPY HABIT: Find a nearby recycling facility that will take them by searching for ‘number 7 plastic’ at Also, if you still love your pods, use a refillable K-cup from Keurig.

BAD HABIT: Overdoing it with aluminum foil.

We (Americans) discarded 2.8 million tons of aluminum in 2013, which included containers, cans, and foil. You should know that soiled containers can be recycled, but dirty foil, can’t. It can also take centuries for aluminum to biodegrade.

HAPPY HABIT: Use unbleached parchment paper for baking and roasting, and for wrapping sandwiches and snacks. It’s biodegradeable, compostable and I’m often able to re-use it!