Freakishly, and Unreasonably….Happy

Double-alaskan-rainbowThis beautifully written piece is from a Facebook friend, and she gave me permission to re-print it on my website.

I don’t know Lori personally, but when I read her words, she was telling my story, too. I’m also positive she was speaking for countless others who have chosen to embrace the whole foods, plant-based way of nourishing their bodies.

Even if you aren’t plant-based, I know you’ll be able to relate to many of Lori’s thoughtful words.

“I’m no philosopher.

I don’t know what the nature of man is. I’m not sure if the trees falling in the woods in my backyard are making any sound when I’m not listening. And even after 59 years of it, I haven’t quite nailed down the meaning of my life.

So, when I tell you that I’m having philosophical musings this morning, please take what I say with a grain of salt. Because, trust me, I’m no philosopher.

But, I had my ordinary oatmeal and fruit this morning and then I went to the gym and did an unspectacular workout and then I went grocery shopping. As I was driving home, I realized that – despite the ordinariness of the day, the fact that we are on our seventh straight day of gray, rainy and dreary weather up here in Pennsylvania and the fact that practically nothing exciting is happening in my life right now – I am weirdly, freakishly and unreasonably….happy.

Before I went plant-based, things were essentially the same as they are now. The good things in my personal life are the same. The bad things in my personal life are the same. What’s changed?

I often say that my worst day now is ten times better than my best day before I changed my diet. It’s undeniably true. There is absolutely no reason for me to be as quietly joyful as I go about the ordinariness of my life – but I am. And I really feel that, as Dr. McDougall tells us – for me, It’s The Food!

My mind is occupied with healthy thoughts. What’s for breakfast? Do I want to make lentil soup? Are we out of salad fixings? Are the bananas ripe? How much water do I need for this amount of brown rice?

It’s like all day, every day, I am thinking about the good foods that have become a part of our everyday routine and, somehow, it makes me….happy.

I was excited by SAD (Standard American Diet) foods and I looked forward to my indulgences. But no amount of chocolate swirl ice cream, no oily pizza, no thick steak made me happy like this. They sort of filled an empty hole in me temporarily – and then I always felt weighed down and worse in the hours that followed.

No, this food is the difference. I feel clean, light, energized and – in the simplest possible terms – happier on this program than I ever did when I was indulging in the most opulent SAD fare you could imagine.

Natural Foods = Natural Happiness??

No possible way it can be that easy.

I swear, if I were smarter and more well-read, and knew what I was talking about – I swear I would say it was really that simple.

But, like I said…I’m no philosopher.”

Love, Lori

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