This is a short, but powerful story of how Rachel S. lost weight and re-claimed optimal health.

Rachel lives in the eastern part of the country. She’s married and has toddler twin boys. Rachel is 31 years old, and works full time as a human resource generalist in the renewables and energy industry.

She started the McDougall Starch Solution way of eating in March, 2016, weighing roughly 140 lbs. at 5’2″.

Rachel says she had enough of the upset stomach, heartburn, and being generally unhappy with how she looked and felt on a daily basis. She also is a self-professed “lover of carbs”, and tried many different diets that promote carbohydrate and starch restriction. She says she was never able to sustain them.

Rachel’s father told her about The Starch Solution that he had been following for a couple of months. Her father also shared videos from YouTube. After watching several of Dr. McDougall video presentations, Rachel became hooked on learning more about this way of eating!

In just a few short months of eating a plant-based, starch heavy diet, she has experienced many benefits. She no longer gets headaches, is not fatigued, and her IBS and GERD symptoms are gone. She has increased energy and was able to kick her addiction to caffeine, quitting cold turkey without any negative withdrawal affects. She says her hair, skin, and nails are also healthier now than they were when she was eating the SAD.

Rachel’s go-to foods are potatoes, microwaved and topped with hot sauce. “This makes a very quick and easy snack or meal”. She also enjoys eating roasted chick peas, and a typical breakfast includes oatmeal with soy milk.  Other meals may be veggie marinara on top of rice instead of pasta; she says “just to mix it up a bit. Eating a starch-based diet keeps me full and I never go hungry”.

I asked Rachel if she’s raising plant-based children. “Yes. I am not as strict with my kids when we are at parties and social gatherings though, because frankly, it is impossible to be watching over them 100% of the time. But when they are at home with me, they eat what I make. I want to raise my family in the healthiest way possible. I refuse to give them something that I believe is not good for them. My husband also eats plant-based, and has lost 25 lbs. since mid-March. In doing so, his sinus issues have almost disappeared.

I have lost 20 lbs. since starting my starch-based diet. My weight loss has slowed down as I feel like I am at a healthy weight for my height. I also feel as though I am beginning to tone up with minimal effort or hours spent at the gym.

What advice would you give to others curious about adopting the WFPB way of eating?

My advice would be to plan ahead and find plant-based alternatives to your favorite non-plant based foods, and don’t deprive yourself of starches. If you want to eat more than one potato or bowl of rice, do so if it is going to curb your hunger and keep you from eating fatty animal products and oily foods. Also, do lots of research and watch where your sources are coming from!

I was so happy to meet Rachel in the important Facebook group called McDougall Friends, with over 12,000 ‘friends’ who share health and diet information, and support each other. If you’ve been struggling with your diet, and would like a simple and inexpensive way to re-claim your health, increase your energy and lose weight, you may want to check in here!

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