I was lucky to be able to attend the first conference presented by the Alliance to Repair the American Diet which was held in Atlanta. Many of the great speakers have been mentors and inspirational guides throughout my own plant-based journey.  I thought I’d share some important and fun takeaways and reminders with you. You may also want to read a full recap of all the speakers in a beautiful article, written by Carla Golden.

Food = Medicine Conference Top 7 Takeaways

1. Batch Cooking is ‘da byatch. Lindsay from Happy Herbivore reminds us to spend an hour, one time each week. Sundays are usually the best day to prepare all your essential staples for a grab ‘n go lunch, or heat and eat dinner. Put your chopped veggies, rice and beans in see through containers. Chop your salad fixings and keep in zipper closed bags. You can watch Lindsay’s high-energy presentation here.
2. Your endothelial cells protect your entire vascular system and produce precious nitric oxide which keeps your blood flowing. They can be damaged and inflamed by eating just small amounts of oil, animal protein and processed foods, which then allows dangerous plaque to build in your blood vessels. Read this short article by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.
3. Your genes account for a very small percentage of chronic illness and disease. They are the light switch in the ‘off’ position; choosing to eat animal protein turns the switch ‘on’. Listen here to Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) tell you how and why. 

4. Make sure you are chewing your whole, plant-based foods thoroughly to ensure your body fully absorbs of all the nutrients!
5. Soak dried fruit, then add the liquid to your water bottle for extra flavor. You can re-soak the fruit several times.
6. If you’re not properly hydrated, your blood becomes thick and moves more slowly through your body. Ick.
7. Just get up and move, however you want and however you can. Silly dancing counts. Your lymph system will thank you. John Pierre is a terrific resource for moving your body for life!