Plant-Based Resources

The collective research and pioneering works of T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn can be seen in the much acclaimed and enlightening movie “Forks Over Knives“, a must see before starting your plant-based journey.

14 Day Health Challenge Here’s a site that utilizes all the expert information in an easy to follow and educational 14 day plan to achieve life-sustaining, optimal health.

Engine 2 Diet Rip Esselstyn and his crew lay out their trademarked “plant strong” diet program with easy, simple to follow recipes.

Nutrition Facts Dr. Michael Gregor pulls no punches and conducts more nutrition research than anyone! He provides the facts about your food choices and this is an awesome go-to site for all things scientific, fun, enlightening and educational.

The Plantrician Project is dedicated to educating our nation’s physician’s and healthcare professionals on the disease preventing and correcting benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet.  Website and phone app that lists all vegetarian, vegan friendly markets, restaurants and stores in the U.S and internationally. This helps us big time when we travel and I’m proud to be the official Happy Cow Ambassador in the city of Asheville, NC!

Other plant-based doctors, researchers and pioneers to learn from include: Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dean Ornish, Joel Furhman, Dr. John McDougall.

Recipe Sites I Love

Fat Free Vegan Susan Voisin provides over 1,000 recipe ideas. She is typically my first ‘go-to’ site for inspiration.

Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon is clever and creative. She has a ‘meal plan’ system that is invaluable for anyone!

Minimalist Baker couple Dana and John have a beautiful site with so many incredible recipes and even an on-line food photography course!

Plant Powered Kitchen This informative site by Dreena Burton is chock full of awesome recipes, tips and good information.

Post Punk Kitchen Isa Chandra Moskowitz is so much fun to read!

Straight Up Food Cathy Fisher tells it like it is, and I always relate to her message. Her recipes are well written and full of flavor.