The fascination for vegan cheese followed me around for several years. After adopting our plant-based diet, the thought of eating cheese, really good cheese was elusive and dream-like.

I’ve experimented with a few different nut-based cheese recipes, stirring in agar or tapioca flour in search of the perfect texture. Some were runny and didn’t firm up, or ended up like an aspic (gel-like).

Then I discovered One small box loaded with smaller, well-marked packages containing all the ingredients (except nuts and veggies) you need to make up to 10 recipes of brie, or fondue, yummy chevre, and even feta cheese. They also include a cotton cheesecloth bag used in a few of the recipes.

Urban Cheesecraft provides very detailed, double-sided instruction sheets. I will admit these were a bit intimidating at first, so I contacted the owner, Claudia with my questions. She got back to me promptly and explained things clearly. It all made sense and I quickly felt more confident and excited to tackle our cheese.

This called for a cheesemaking party. I called 2 girlfriends, opened the wine and away we went. We decided to make a chevre with dill, and a tangy brie.

After gathering all of our chosen ingredients, we blended and mixed and cooked and stirred, and drank wine! Mixing in the seasonings and spices was easy, then poured the tangy brie mix into a shaped bowl, and the chevre went into a small springform pan.

It doesn’t take long for the cheese to set up and firm, so we arranged our crackers and veggies in preparation for the big reveal. This didn’t disappoint! The chevre was creamy and firm, spreadable and delicious. The brie was tangy, yet smooth; the addition of the miso paste was delightful. We all agreed these recipes are a big win. I have since made the sharp feta and loved it! Tangy, bursting with flavor and the texture was spot on.

If you want an all-in-one place to make awesome, party-worthy vegan cheeses, the Urban Cheesecraft boxes are the key. They also make terrific gifts!