The good folks from Kitchen Accomplice sent me their vegan broth and stock flavors to try; Thai Sriracha, No-Bone Broth and Low Sodium Veggie Broth.

As I waited for my special delivery to arrive, I researched all the vegan broth, stock and bouillon products currently available, several of which I have. I seriously lost count after 30!!

When the broth concentrates arrived, I got to work using the Thai Sriracha first. I was planning a Thai/Asian dinner for the evening, so I added the recommended 4 teaspoons of the concentrate, which is accompanied by 800 mg sodium. My recipe included tofu, onions, celery and carrots with bok choy and edamame. Thankfully, the tofu seemed to soak up much of the broth concentrate flavor, but I was left with more saltiness than desired. The actual flavoring in this concentrate, however, is satisfying.

The Vegan No-Bone broth is labeled as organic. The serving size is larger, at 1-1/3 tablespoons and its’ sodium content comes in at 410 mg. Not sure how they come up with all these calculations, but I gave it a try. Adding it to a large batch of soup, I ended up using 2 full tablespoons with my homemade broth/water mix. The flavors didn’t add a whole lot to the overall taste, but it wasn’t a distraction, either.

The Reduced Sodium Veggie Broth was my favorite. The sodium level per serving (440 mg for 2 teaspoons) is still high, but the actual flavors and seasonings seemed to complement the sauces and other dishes I made using this broth concentrate.

I would recommend giving these products a try if you’re looking for alternative broth and stock flavorings. These are available in most larger stores, but the Kitchen Accomplice folks are graciously offering the Edible Musings subscribers and followers a 25% discount when orders are placed online through their website. Make sure you use the discount code: EDIBLE19 (Discount invalid after October 31, 2019).

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