The Ultimate Age Defying Plan

The Plant-Based Way to Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Fit

Mark Reinfeld and Ashley Boudet are The Doctor and The Chef, a dynamic duo on a mission to show you how easy, fun and rewarding a plant-based, vegan lifestyle can be. Whether it’s through one of their wellness retreats, webinars, or cooking courses, they share their combined thirty-year experience to help you obtain optimal health throughout the aging process.

Ashley is a naturopathic doctor, merging her knowledge of nutrition and natural healing modalities to help you reach optimal wellness. Mark is a vegan chef and has written many books which serve as great resources for nourishing your life with healthful vegan food.

You don’t have to be a science and physiology nerd to appreciate this book, but if you are, this book is a real bonus! With contributions from Dr. Michael Klaper, MD, the information they offer about obtaining and maintaining optimal health as we age is rooted in proven science. This successful team promotes a plant-based lifestyle that includes exercise, stress reduction, avoidance of toxins, and eating minimally processed and whole foods for every part of our bodies, inside and out.

Using the acronym NOURISH, Mark and Ashley easily lay out all the important factors as a road map for healthy aging.

The book is over 300 well laid out pages with Timeless Kitchen Tips and Techniques. Their Age-Defying Advice sections provide terrific information for maintaining and improving brain and digestive health, cardiovascular wellness, bone, and joint preservation, and even several ways to keep your largest organ, your skin, in optimal condition.

There are some amazing real-life testimonials from other plant-based health advocates, chefs, and doctors you may already know, and certainly will want to know.

Two-thirds of this fun book are all about the recipes. Beverages, making your own spice mixes, breakfast foods, snacks, filling and delicious main dishes and a sweet tooth section you’ll undoubtedly flip to first. I made their Raw Choco-Cherry Bombs for an event I attended and they were a huge hit.

I love this book for so many reasons and it has become my new “go-to” resource for healthy reminders, common sense information, and delicious, fun and creative recipes.

I’m in this for my life, and to continue improving my health as I grow older. Who’s with me?