JOI Product Review and Discount Code

I first saw their ad on, where else, FaceBook. I know I’m not the only one that clicks through these things that resonate with us, even on a small level.

JOI is a nut milk-based product that comes in two flavors: almond and cashew. The idea of making my own nut milk has always intrigued me. When we first went plant-based in 2012, I was all about blending the almonds and purified water and straining this pulpy mixture in a nut milk bag propped up with wooden skewers and hung over a large glass pitcher. Drip, drip, drip. Labor + time > payoff ratio wasn’t good.

Lately, I’ve been looking at these fancy nut milk machines and was excited to purchase one when I discovered the several hundred-dollar price tag. Needless to say, it would take a few years to recoup my investment.

Roger and I don’t actually ‘drink’ our plant-based milk. He uses it in his morning oatmeal, and I use a splash in my coffee. Otherwise, I will occasionally cook or bake with it as necessary. I averaged our use of a quart of almond milk to be about every 2 weeks.

This new nut milk base caught my attention and as I was reading their website, several questions came up, so I reached out to them.

My questions and their responses:

Q. The nuts aren’t organic, why not?

A. We are working on this and expect that organic will be available within the next two to three months.

Q. Why doesn’t your product need to be refrigerated?

A. The natural oils from processing the whole nut act as a preservative; much the same way whole nuts are shelf stable, so is JOI.

Comments: I keep my whole nuts, all of them, in the freezer. The JOI containers are stamped with expiration dates. The cashew base expires July of 2020, and the almond base expires February of 2021.

Q. How is your product different from regular almond butter that needs to be refrigerated?

A. The milling process that we employ is unique. One element is the lack of roasting; therefore, the flavor profile is cleaner and fresher. Also, due to our processing methods, the milk, once made, lasts at least 7 days which is longer than using raw nuts or roasted nut butters.  

Q. Why couldn’t someone use regular nut butter blended with water for a nut milk?

A. The taste is different, as our nuts are not roasted. The consistency is also different – ours is much less gritty than using a traditional nut butter. Our aim is to emulate, and then improve upon the milk made through traditional homemade methods.

Comments: I tried this as an experiment. They are right about the consistency. JOI’s product is really smooth, and my nut butter was more gritty when blended with water, but the taste from my regular refrigerated almond butter was just fine.


I was happy to receive their two nut milk base products complimentary. I first opened the cashew butter and have been blending it with purified water. I use 2 tablespoons for 8 oz. water and this amount lasts us about 2-3 days. The milk is really delicious as is, and I added a drop of vanilla extract which amplifies the flavor.

The price of these nut milk base products is pretty steep. Each container is 15 oz. which is 30 tablespoons. The way I make it as described above, I’d get about 4 quarts of milk from one container of JOI. The average price of a quart of traditional almond milk is around $2. Of course, many of these packaged nut milks also come with some undesirable added ingredients.

The JOI one-time purchase price is $20.00 for one container and they encourage you to subscribe or buy more quantity for a better discount. It appears all shipping fees are free.

If you and/or your family drink and use lots of plant-based milks, this new product may be worth your investment. GOOD NEWS! JOI is offering all Edible Musings followers a 15% discount on any purchase of their products through October 31, 2019 using the discount code: ediblemusings19. Use this code at checkout and I hope you enjoy the JOI! (Discount invalid after October 1, 2019).