I was sitting on my couch, minding my own business when mysterious music comes on, sounding like something from a James Bond movie. The deep male voice is talking about a McDonald’s located at an undisclosed location with an exclusive club inside, where only the best of the best have access.  “What does one serve the best basketball player in the world?”, the voice goes on to say. Enter LeBron James. He walks into a room with dark wood walls and floors, ala country club like. The bacon clubhouse burger is awaiting him, set atop a glass pedestal with good lighting.

While they never actually show him taking a bite of the burger (hmmm, I wonder why?), his one line at the end of the commercial lends his seal of approval, “you should serve it to everyone”.

Aside from taking issue with the grossosity of this ‘sandwich’ from McDonald’s, I also question their claiming LeBron as the “best basketball player in the world”….I come from the Jordan generation.  I wonder which of my opinions will raise the most eyebrows!  As you weigh in, read the nutritional information on McDonald’s new menu addition.

Here’s the link to view the commercial, but I suspect by now, you’ve seen it.

Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich (burger)

(can be made with beef or chicken)

Serving Size  9.5 oz (270 g)

720 Calories
39g  Protein
40g Fat (62%)
51g Carbs (17%)
1470mg Sodium (61%)

So already you know that more than 1/2 of this so-called sandwich is salt and fat, and saturated fat. Then, you read that 38% of this sandwich is cholesterol. You know what that does, right? As you look through the ingredient list, how many of them can you point to and say “yeah, I know what that is?”

















Calories from Fat 360 Dietary Fiber 4g (14%) Calcium 290mg (30%)
Saturated Fat 15g (75%) Sugars 14g Iron 4.5mg (25%)
Trans Fat 1.5g Vitamin A 380IU (8%) Vitamin C 15mg (25%)
Cholesterol 115mg (38%)
Ingredients: Click each name to read the real ingredients

If you’ve made it this far into the post, I applaud you. My intent is to enlighten, educate and continue to be educated. I always want to pay forward positive information to help you healthify your own life.
Click the button below for a delicious burger recipe, with real ingredients and good for your body!

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