A Review of Daiya Strawberry Cheezecake

It all started back in Chicago and my connection with a Daiya Products representative. Ashley Gilday was a great inspiration to me when I started to write my blog about plant-based cooking.

Fast forward almost three years, and Roger and I are nicely settled in our new Asheville, NC home. I received an email from the nice folks at Daiya, inviting me to an event in Chicago featuring their new cheezecake products. Sadly, I couldn’t attend, but it provided a “lightbulb moment”. I was going to hold my own cheezecake tasting party!

It turned into a full-fledged potluck with several of our new Asheville friends! I was excited to pick up the Daiya cheezecakes from our Whole Foods, but they only carried the strawberry flavor at that time. I grabbed three and headed home. After removing the cheezecakes from their eye-catching box, I decorated the tops with fresh cut strawberries. Off to party we went! There were “oohs and ahhhs’ when dessert was brought out.

John, like me, is not an avid consumer of dessert, and describes the cheesecake as “smooth”.  He thought the texture was just right and the taste was good.  John adds “I would enjoy this as a mid-afternoon snack on a hot day”.

Meanwhile, Margaret says the cheesecake was a “nice way to end a delicious meal”, and is anxious to try the plain cheesecake.

From Wendy out east, an Edible Musings follower:

“I picked up the chocolate and key lime flavors at the Whole Foods in Princeton New Jersey, where they retail for $8.99 each. I taste tested both. The chocolate is delicious with no aftertaste, a good texture and nice chocolate crust. I didn’t like the key lime because it seems to have a weird, almost plastic aftertaste. The graham cracker crust was okay. I would definitely purchase the chocolate cheesecake again, and as a chocoholic, I would definitely recommend it!”

My own thoughts on the new Daiya strawberry cheesecake is a pretty in pink presentation when you take it out of the box and I could see how creamy it was immediately. It comes frozen so I let it thaw for about 45 minutes before serving. As I took a first bite, my fork cut smoothly through my triangle of richness. The strawberry flavor hit my tastebuds first, followed immediately by a subtle sweetness, all in a creamy mouthful! The crust is a perfect thickness and not overpowering, but a wonderful crunchy wrapping around the strawberry cheezy filling. At $9 each, only 4 servings and 370 calories in each serving (more than half in the form of fat), this is a once in a while treat, but well worth it.