Knoxville, TN

On our way to Asheville for our exploratory trip in June, we spent a night in Knoxville. The manager at our Residence Inn recommended the restaurant across the highway, which we did notice as we drove in.

Puleo’s Grille, from first impression, appears to be a typical ‘off the interstate’ kind of Italian restaurant. The menu is so extensive, it also appears they want to appeal to many different tastes. There’s everything from fried starters to a steak with ‘rattlesnake’ seasoning.

Of course, I found my way quickly to the sides and salads. Sadly, I thought initially, the only salad on their menu for me was called the ‘Spa’ salad. So, I ordered it and asked for a side of just balsamic vinegar and some lemon wedges. Our server was so accommodating! The salad I received was huge and loaded with wonderful veg items like roasted red peppers, artichokes, spinach, asparagus and cucumbers. Then, it was topped heavily with sprouts and sunflower seeds…yay for them!

Bonus: as we were leaving, the young manager struck up a conversation and learned we were headed to Asheville in the morning. He gushed about the Laughing Seed Cafe and the Early Girl Eatery. Needless to say, those are on my list, too!